Treating Acne From The Spice Rack

Just about everyone gets acne in their lifetime. For most of us, it is a minor inconvenience and won’t cause severe problems. There are those, however, that battle with severe acne. For these folks, it can be almost soul-destroying. For those with dark skin, acne may result in a secondary problem – dark pigmentation spots that stay long after the acne has cleared up. There is hope though, in your spice rack, of all places!

Acne can be very effectively treated using spot treatments – the advantage being that if the spot is cleared up quickly, the pigmentation has less time to develop. Add 15ml baking soda to about 3 drops of fresh lemon juice and mix well. Once the frothing has died down, spot treat the worst of the spots and any pigmentation marks. Allow it to stay on the skin for no longer than 15 minutes – the lemon will help bleach the skin and fight the infection. The baking soda is a natural exfoliant and will slough of the dead skin cells. This causes the mark to rise to the surface a lot faster.

Alternatively, if you have dark skin, you can mix 7.5ml of coconut oil to the same amount of Tumeric. This should be left on overnight if possible, or for at least an hour. If you are leaving it on overnight,be sure to protect your bed linen – Tumeric can stain. It can also stain light skin so should be avoided by people with lighter skin tones. The Tumeric and coconut oil both have anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. In addition, the coconut oil contains high levels of Vitamin E – long known as a great skin saver and anti-aging treatment.

25ml or milk mixed with the same amount of nutmeg is an effective treatment for both sores and lesions. Leave on overnight or for a minimum of an hour. Continue with this every night for a few weeks and your skin will be a lot clearer. Milk is a great skin treatment – it nourishes dry skin and soothes inlfammation. Nutmeg is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-septic remedy.

25ml of of cinnamon powder and 7.5ml of honey makes a ymmy tasting skin treatment. Apply to your skin and eat the leftovers for an extra boost. It should be left in place for about half an hour. This shouldn’t be slept in – it is too sticky. Honey locks in moisture and helps to fight the bacteria in the skin. The Cinnamon follows with strong anti-bacterial properties and acts as a mild scrub.